The Dunkirk Project – Project Update

Thank you for your interest in and support of this project.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on December 15, 2013, that the NRG Dunkirk Natural Gas Addition Project was moving forward. This project involves running a natural gas pipeline to the Dunkirk power plant in Dunkirk, New York from an existing interstate pipeline.

On or about January 13, 2015 NRG and National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation (National Fuel) reached a tentative agreement on the basic terms under which National Fuel would build, own and operate the pipeline for the Dunkirk Generating Station Gas Addition project. In view of that tentative agreement, NRG has asked the PSC’s administrative law judge to suspend NRG’s Article VII pipeline application. That suspension allows PSC staff and all other interested parties to focus on National Fuel’s own Article VII application and the proposed National Fuel route, which may speed up the approval process and allow NRG and National Fuel to finalize the remaining terms of the agreement. Of course, NRG would reserve the right to re-activate its application, but we intend to work closely with National Fuel to move the National Fuel application and the National Fuel route forward.

NRG greatly appreciates the help and cooperation of the Chautauqua County community, residents, and business owners as we’ve worked on easements to build the pipeline on the NRG route. If the National Fuel application is successful, that will be the route along which the easements will ultimately be required and that process will primarily be handled by National Fuel and its local agents, although there may be some small overlap with NRG’s previous efforts.

NRG looks forward to making continuing progress on the Dunkirk Station Gas Addition project and working with National Fuel, the Dunkirk community and all of Chautauqua County’s residents to complete the project.

The Project requires siting approval from the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) as well as additional permits and approvals from various federal, state and local agencies. The project is also contingent upon the receipt of all permits, approvals and property tax abatements.

Thank you for your interest in and support of this project, which will preserve local jobs, provide significant local and regional tax benefits, deliver considerable environmental benefits, and provide clean and stable power to the Western New York electrical system.

* * *

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